Wayman Barnes has been published in The Funny Times, Comic Relief, Vox Populi, Digress Magazine, Ad Infinitum, and Fetus Noise and has a chapbook titled, Titty Titty Caca. He once studied sketch writing and improvisation at the Second City and the Improv Olympic in Chicago and has performed at On the Rug, the Seattle Fringe Festival, the Big Stinkin' International Improv and Sketch Comedy Festival, Autry Museum of Western Heritage, the Comedy Store, the Hollywood Performance Marathon, RUPO, the Seattle Poetry Festival, and the LA Times Festival of Books. He ran the creative nonfiction writing workshop at the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center for many, many years and is a founder of Off Limits Improvisational Theatre, Opening Night: the Improvised Musical, and LitRave. He also owns a cat that he is very allergic to.