Author Interviews



The Dianne Jacob Interview
by Cindy Bailey 11.19.08
Photo by Pamela Zacharias

Food writing is hot, hot, hot these days, and I can't think of a better leader to navigate writers through its landscape than Dianne Jacob, an award-winning food writer, teacher, and writing coach. [Interview...]

The Stephen Elliott Interview
By Cindy Bailey 10.9.05
Photo by Lydia Lunch

Considering his upbringing, Stephen Elliott should be hooked on drugs. Or selling his body for money. Or maybe even dead. That's what one might imagine of someone who left home at 13 to live on the street


The Michelle Tea Interview
By Cindy Bailey 11.22.05
Photo by Lydia Daniller

Michelle Tea is a burst of positive energy. Vibrant as the colorful tattoos that run the length of her arms. Alive, impatient, and prolific.


The Beth Lisick Interview
By Cindy Bailey 9.21.05

The main question that comes up when talking about Bay Area writer, performer, and rising literary star, Beth Lisick, is how does she do it all? [Interview...]