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The Babylon Salon Series: a Night of Laughter and Power
By Gina Gotsill 6.6.09

Question: What do beeswax, angry red flowers, and America all have in common? [more...]


A Girlfriend's Best Weekend Retreat
By Cindy Bailey 4.18.08

At the start of the year, I set some ambitious writing goals and got a good head start on them. Then February happened. My whole family got sick, and all that could go wrong did. Needless to say, the writing didn't get done. [more...]

Mama Monologues and Truth Telling
By Cindy Bailey 3.26.08

If you want to hear essays that are raw, edgy, touching, hilarious, outrageous, and truly alive , then you have got to get yourself to one of these Mama Monologues put on by the Writing Mamas Salon. [more...]

Kimball at Kepler's
By George Powell 11.16.06

Christopher Kimball looks like what you would get if your recipe ingredients folded into 1980s popcorn commercial star Orville Redenbacher with columnist/pundit George Will. It would come popping from the oven as a [more]

Litquake 2006: Women Writing—Generations of Stories

As I walked through the Bubble Lounge in San Francisco's North Beach, I had to navigate around everyone who spilled from the chairs, ottomans, and couches, as well as those sitting cross-legged on the floor. [more]

Gary Hart Calls Upon Democrats at the Stanford Bookstore
By George Powell 9.27.06

For a person who has never been president, or even his party's nominee, Gary Hart projects a presidential aura. Approachable, personable, but with a touch of “Hail to the Chief.” For those [more]

Voices from 9/11

I could not think of a better way to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 than to hear from voices not usually heard in mainstream media. This month's [more]

Jason Leopold Delivers the Truth at Book Passage
By George Powell 8.24.06

Journalist Jason Leopold has been dogged by controversy and excess much of his relatively short career in the national spotlight. In fact, he has by his own admission [more]

Progressive Readings Rock
By Cindy Bailey 8.14.06

Wow. What an electric evening at the Progressive Reading Series Monday night at the Make-Out Room. Hosted by local author, Stephen Elliott , this monthly series is [more]

Wild Women Writing: A Treasure of Tips from Travelers' Tales' Larry Habegger
By Cindy Bailey 5.1.06

The first Wednesday of every month, the Wild Writing Women host a free literary salon with a featured speaker at the Monticello Inn in San Francisco, and [more]

Cafe Prague
By Wayman Barnes 2.7.06

I have been to a lot of poetry open mics in my day, but never one like the one at Café Prague. This reading is … different. There is no stage. No microphone. [more]

Food, Wine, and Tales

There were clues early on that this may not be the typical book reading at A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books on this Monday night in San Francisco. The small space [more]

Poetry & Pizza
By Wayman Barnes 11.4.05

Maybe I should have been paying closer attention to what was happening, but when the poet said he would be doing his “zone out pieces” he wasn't kidding. My mind [more]

Litquake 2005: Humor at the Purple Onion
By Cindy Bailey 10.11.05

What better place to host a gaggle of humorous readings than at the Purple Onion, San Francisco's landmark comedy club in North Beach? I'm talking legends [more]

Litquake 2005: The Hip Revisit of Howl
By Vené Franco 10.7.05

In the words of our emcee, Jack Boulware, “Is it hot in here or is it me?” Well, it was both as nearly 1,000 literary fans packed Herbst Theatre for the opening [more]

Porch Light Storytelling Series
By Cindy Bailey 9.19.05

With a theme of “Utilities Included: The Roommate Show,” I expected to hear a lot of roommate bashing on Monday night at the monthly Porch Light storytelling series held [more]

Out at the RADAR Reading
By Cindy Bailey 9.6.05

I've been meaning to get over to the Main San Francisco Public Library for one of Michelle Tea's monthly RADAR readings for some time now, and finally I made [more]

Indie Mag All-stars Party
By Cindy Bailey 1.29.05

I had to attend the Indie Mag All-Stars party Saturday night at the Make-Out Room. Sponsored by Kitchen Sink , Clamor , Bitch , and LiP magazines – let me interrupt [more]

Fray Day 8!
By Cindy Bailey 11.13.04

I first heard about Fray Day through our own Wayman Barnes, who featured at the annual event just last month in Los Angeles. When I learned [more]

David Sedaris at Last!
By Cindy Bailey 11.9.04

I tried getting tickets to see David Sedaris in L.A. once. Sold out. I learned his work was going to be performed at the Old Globe in San Diego. Fantastic! But also [more]

Dispatch from San Francisco
By Cindy Bailey 10.14.04

I may be forgotten, but I'm definitely not lost. I'm found, way up here in San Francisco, where the lit scene is sizzling! Eureka! For those [more]